We are a Scandinavian design studio situated in the heart of Copenhagen. We combine our passion for news, typography, visual journalism, building beautiful design for media products. With a deep sense for content we bring life, colour and edge to the craft. We develop across platforms for news media, television, magazines and books. Currently we’re worked with the new digital design for Jyllands-Posten (Denmark) recently we worked with the awarded redesign of Aftenposten (Norway). Anna Thurfjell are an award winning designer and her background is 12 years as Creative Director of Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden).


Improving the Jyllands-Posten logo to the 21 st century media landscape
Digital, Identity, Typography
New digital design for Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s strongest news brand
Digital, Identity, Magazine design, Typography
Continuously magazine design for Ergoterapeuten
Magazine design, Typography
The redesign of »Vi« — A Swedish magazine classic
Digital, Identity, Magazine design, Typography
New visual identity and site design for Denmarks most vibrant media house
Digital, Identity, Typography
Rewarded redesign of Norway’s largest newspaper — Aftenposten
Digital, Identity, News design, Typography
The redesign of Norway’s largest newspaper — Aftenposten
Digital, Identity, News design, Typography
Type in the streaming era


What we offer

at, provides design consulting for media:

We are digital

We care about creating; the highest quality design and reading experience for digital media with modern information graphics and data visualisation. We design websites, apps, videos, titles design and style guides.

We create strong brands

We create strong brands and visual identity design for media by telling who you are. We create visual identities that makes your brand visually stronger, clearer, with more impact and a higher recognition. We design logotypes and or redraw logotypes for media brands.

Type is key

Our type and identity design is alway’s based on thorough research of your news brands type dna. In any news design project today, type is critical. We help clients with new typefaces, redesign, redraw and or customised type design for all platform.

We love print 

Newspapers are our passion and at the core of our business with 20 years of newsroom and redesigning newspapers experience. Print is our history and and important part of the future. We design, innovate and redesign newspapers, sections, special editions and design books.

We make magazines flow

Magazine’s needs continuously developments to look a feel contemporary, a magazine that is part of its time is more relevant for its readers. We design, redesign, art direct and layout magazines for all platforms.

Our design is strategic

Our aim is to create long lasting ideas and design. We can help with your strategic questions,  in branding and or product development projects. We work with strategy and CX, with pkcxstrategy, US and we can offer a wide range of research.

Our team is international

We build design in-house with your team, or prepare the right team for you. We have an international network with the best typeface designers, photographers, illustrators and UX designers.


We love to talk

Contact us, visit the studio or just say hello! Anna Thurfjell is also an experienced design judge and speaker at conferences.

Anna Thurfjell Design ApS | anna@annathurfjell.com | +45 53 85 39 22 | Rørholmsgade 3, groundfloor | Copenhagen K | Denmark