Nov 22, 2018

Type identity — The revival of Aftenposten title-piece

written by Anna Thurfjell

In the redesign project with Aftenposten I suggested to redrawn the logotype and title-piece. The perfect man for the job description was the british typeface designer Paul Barnes, Commercial Type, he described the redraw challenge like this: »The original Aftenposten is expressive and distinctive, capture the qualities of fraktur, black letters and the human penmanship«. The typographic research on the Aftenposten title-piece, took us back to the era of mid 1800- century, where a lot of renaissance-inspired newspapers was founded. The typeface of fashion was black letters  and fraktur. The famous quality newspapers as The New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Herald Tribune, all used type from fraktur style. The black letters was often chosen for newspapers to make them look trustworthy and established. This was a way for Norway and Aftenposten to safe guard their fine and original heritage brand. The new logotypes are designed to work for bothAftenposten print and digital