maj 23, 2019

Type i.d in the streaming era

written by Anna Thurfjell

Are your visual identity prepared for a time of information overload? Type design are growing in the streaming era.
Digital medias design needs more:

  • Impact
  • Clarity
  • Recognition

Improve your communication and news impact with crafted text animations and visually surprising videoclips. Type is key to create your own unique digital DNA. Make your brand more recognisable, with a more distinct typeface. I help clients create a clearer readability and improved reader experience for digital devices.

My studio helps with type identity, customise type, responsive type. We worked with media brands such as: JP/Politikens Hus, Schibsted future report, Aftenposten , Nordisk Film, Finans and Svenska Dagbladet. See portfolios at annathurfjell.com


I am also speaker, often in the subject; type identity and the studio also design titles. Here is a video clip presenting: »Type in the streaming era« …

Titles design,  copyright: Anna Thurfjell Design, Aps, 2019.
Motion animation: Mads Salicath