Type in the streaming era

Once upon a time, in 1979, Kozo Ohsone, designed the Sony Walkman and a new era was born. The streaming era is already a fact and perhaps, we have only grasped the beginning of it? The evolving changes of tech and the information overload makes it harder to keep up to time with users and trends.

There is an inspiring design challenge with streaming, and one of them are the many different devices, small screens likes smartphones vs larger screens and the challenge to make the users sense and feel the brand … To quote Ian Adelman, (NYT digital): »You don’t wan’t to feel like things are moving under your feet«.

This is where type design have a new and important role, media brands today, needs a clear design DNA, to be able to distinguish the brand, wherever and whenever users are in contact with your brand. Digital medias design needs more:

  • Impact
  • Clarity
  • Recognition

Type is key to create your own unique digital design DNA and this is where I have focused my studios work over the past five years and my own work over the past 10 years.

Watch my titles design for the speak »Type in the streaming era«, for Cap&Design, Sweden, 2018.