Improving the Jyllands-Posten logo to the 21st century media landscape

I’m proud to share my studios new work; a digital redesign and a logo design project for Jyllands-Posten.

Most established newsbrands, needs an update to work for today’s digital landscape, with small screens like smartphones, new social platforms, video & podcast.

In redesign I search for that special historical key design element. I looked for a typeface that spoke of the history of the brand. The recent released »Cason Ionic« designed by Paul Barnes and Greg Gazdowicz, at Commercial Classics , is the new typeface behind the new logos and visual identity.

— You have had respect for the heritage of the brand — and you have helped us both graphically and conceptually to modernise the experience significantly with the user (that is at least our expectation) says Michael Jensen, head of strategy, JP.

Today you can say that the typeface is your logo or most important design dna for your brand. News comes and goes but the typeface remains and gives consistency to your stories and newsbrand.

Read more on the redesign and site design project for Jyllands-Posten here.