AT design studio has created a new look & feel for the Schibsted Future Report from Schibsted. The new visual concept can be applied to several platforms: the yearly printed report, the commuication socially and in the digital platform.

The main visual task can be desribied as: ‘How to visualise subjects like ’AI’ and ’circular economy’ with clarity and impact. It has been great fun and very stimulating to develope an ‘exclusive book’ design with a modern magazine approach and at the same time think in 15 seconds video.

The leading typeface is Flama by Mário Feliciano combined with Guardian Text Egyptienne, by Commercial type and Geometric by Playtype.

I have collaborated closely with Lena K Samuelsson and Ann Axelsson at Schibsted, in Stockholm where we also set up a team for the editorial production with David Stillberg, page designer and photographer Pi Frisk and in my studio in Copenhagen I worked with the acclaimed animator Mads Salicath.

The booklet is printed in Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden.