Digital typedesign for Svenska Dagbladet

My studio designed the headlines for svd.se , (16-02-02).
When helping Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm, to adjust the responsive headlines, the question was: what size would the reader prefer the story in? The headlines on a news site are sort of the main key entrance regardless what platform he or she uses. When a reader land on a page of any form of story, usually it starts with a headline. What’s special about designing typography for a responsive news site is to put yourself into the that reader experience. The reader is often on the “move” between different platforms and it’s crucial to minimize the friction of following a story and moving trough the site.

Today it’s also of most importance to have a clear design DNA; a clear digital design. SvD has developed clear type DNA in their customized elegant type face Sueca, through many years.

Sueca is designed exclusively for SvD in 2009 by typeface designer Mário Feliciano, Feliciano Type foundry.

The fine work of hand hinting the headline styles of the Sueca web version are made by Göran Söderström at Letters from Sweden.

My studio worked with digital design for SvD, Schibsted, JP/Politikens Hus, Berlingske, Nordisk Film, Zetland.dk and more.

Read the story about customized Sueca typeface designed by Feliciano

Sueca —The DNA of Svenska Dagbladet