jun 12, 2017

New look & feel for Schibsted Future Report

written by Anna Thurfjell

I’m excited to redesign Schibsted Future Report, published every year by international Schibsted Media Group 

»The Schibsted Future report is a product we cherish very much, it’s our take on the future and the trends that affect our world –written by our own people. This year we’re excited to work with acclaimed designer Anna Thurfjell to take the next step. Anna is great in creating concepts and visuals ideas for both print, digital and social. She was part of Schibsted for many years as Creative Director in Svenska Dagbladet and her design was rewarded with several big international prizes. It’s a pleasure to work together again.«

The Schibsted Future report publish yearly, socially, digitally and with a booklet in print. The development is taking place in Copenhagen & Stockholm.

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