sep 24, 2019

New design for Swedish magazine Vi

written by Anna Thurfjell

The Swedish magazine ’Vi’ hired my studio for the redesign project of ’Vi’ in digital and print. The ambition with the new design, is to keep a connection to the history, work in the present and prepare it for the future …

The video show the first issue in the new design of Vi magazine. 100 pages new design of a hundred year old magazine. 

Vi’s credibility is as the no #1 magazine in Sweden and a swedish classic, founded in 1913. Vi stands for something greater: humanism, humanity and popular education. Therefore it’s almost an honorary assignment to create the new overall design. Thanks for the trust.

The digital development of the magazine vi.se has been a lot about finding a new concept, where Vi has been looking at editorial startups like; de Correspondent, Amsterdam, Zetland, Copenhagen, and Krautreporter, in Germany. The new digital Vi is based on zetlands platform. With a given framework my role in the digital redesign, has been concentrated a lot in type, suggesting the right type identity that would give ‘Vi’ a clear digital design DNA. The agency Äventyret did a great work in making the new vi.se happen. 

The redesign of the print magazine has been a close working relationship with Vi. I worked with the publisher: Unn Edberg, the magazine managing editor: Tomas Fläckman and with one of Sweden’s best Art Director’s: Hanna Johansson. The redesign is an overall redesign, with new typefaces, new format, grid and design. I also worked on various updates of the logo, to create icons for digital and social media as well as leading the overall design.

The redesign of ’Vi’ — a swedish magazine classic