Nov 22, 2018

New design for Norway’s largest newspaper

written by Anna Thurfjell

Aftenposten is a Scandinavian newspaper icon, founded in 1860, in Oslo. Still today it’s Norway’s largest daily quality newspaper with over 1,2 million readers in print and the digital edition ap.no . The overall goal with the redesign has been: Keep a connection to the history, make it work in the present and prepare it for the future … The loyal readership of Aftenposten should feel that the exclusive relationship is maintained but lifted up to higher level of experience. The team behind at Aftenposten are; Kristin Kornberg, Chief of printed products, Asbjørn Bakke, News editor, Ronny Ruud, Head of development, and Constantin Eberle, from Berlin, the new Head of design. The project is a print redesign and overall design project with new logotype, visual design, typefaces and layout.